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Grahams Array of  Services

  • Encashment of all approved Foreign currency notes
  • Encashment of Amex, Visa, Master card & Citicorp Travellers cheques.
  • Releasing of Exchange for Travel Abroad in the form of Foreign currency notes, AMEX Travellers cheques and Prepaid Travel Cards.
  • Instantaneous payment for inward foreign remittances under Western Union Money Transfer & MoneyGram from any part of the world.
  • Bulk Purchase/Sales of foreign currencies from /To Banks and Other Money-changers
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Airtickets (Domestic and International)
  • Hotel Booking
  • Train Ticket
  • Swift Transfer through bank
  • Foreign Currency Draft by bank
  • Cash advances against International Credit Card
  • Home Calling cards
  • Foreign exchange consultancy

Prepaid Card

     Prepaid travel cards,  protected by PIN are available with us in major currencies which are very convenient and safe, while traveling abroad. While you are abroad, and in case you need more foreign exchange, the card held by you could be uploaded for your use either to draw money through ATMs in the local currency of that particular country or to pay for goods and services.

Moneygram Transfer Services

     Through Moneygram Transfer Services, money from overseas could be received and paid in Indian Rupees within 5 minutes.

Bulk Purchase & Sales

     We are authorized to Buy & Sell from/to banks and other Money-changers all approved Foreign currencies and Travellers cheques.

Air Tickets

     Both Domestic and International Air-tickets could be booked through us, as  we have tied –up with leading Airlines offering fantastic air fares.  Students traveling abroad for higher studies would be offered a very special fares.

Hotel Booking

     International and Domestic  hotel bookings could be done at attractive tariffs for your pleasant stay in India and Abroad.

Train Tickets

     We are authorized agents of the  IRCTC (Indian Railways) to provide e-tickets  for all trains in India. Our charges are very nominal in this regard.

Swift Transfer

     Under special arrangement with banks,  SWIFT transfers are effected to abroad at excellent exchange rates and discounted commission.  Your money is remitted accurately in seven major currencies namely US.Dollers, British Pounds, Euro, Australian Dollars, Newzealand Dollars, Canadian Dollars and Swiss francs and credited to a bank account of the beneficiary overseas, for approved purposes.  University  fees, payment of living expenses etc.  for students could be remitted immediately, at competitive exchange rates.

Foreign Currency Draft

     Under arrangement with banks, Foreign currency drafts could be obtained  in 7 major currencies, namely US.Dollars, British Pounds, Euro, Australian Dollars, Newzealand Dollars,Canadian Dollars and Swiss Francs. at attractive exchange rates and charges.

Cash Advance Against International Credit Cards

     Cash in Indian Rupees  could be made available for Non-Resident Indians and foreign tourist visiting India against their Master-Card or Visa credit cards issued abroad.

Home Calling Cards

     Your communication expenses when you are abroad could be substantially saved with the “Home calling cards”.We offer the “Home-calling” cards of Vodafone.

Foreign Exchange Consultancy

     Foreign exchange consultancy is offered at nominal charges by our CEO,Mr. A. Grahadurai who has 30 years experience in International Banking and Foreign Exchange.

Travel Insurance

     Under a tie-up with esteemed Insurance companies, we offer the services of the Travel-Insurance which takes care of your overseas insurance requirements from the date of emplaning to the date of arrival in India for a small Insurance premium payable. This service is offered by us , free of any service charges/commission.